Cultural-gastronomic guided walk: an itinerant light lunch through the streets and squares of Castel San Pietro

A partir de EUR 26

During the walk that starts from Fonte Fegatella, one of the symbolic places of the thermal town, gastronomic stops will make you experience the excellence of Castel San Pietro Terme directly from local producers.

MaVa pasta: Bis of pasta: maccheroni with cheese and pepper and red pasta stuffed with ricotta and squacquerone. Claterna beer in combination

Formaggeria del Corso: 5 types of local cheese (squacquerone with caramelized figs, Castel San Pietro, 2 aged red cheese, Brisighella goat cheese) combined with different local honeys and a glass of local wine

Giaz: glass cup with 3 flavors of ice cream made for us: lambrusco, stracchino, ricotta and basil. Matching glass of wine

Booking open until Thursday October 27th at h16.00

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A partir de EUR 26

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  • MaVa pasta
  • Formaggeria del Corso
  • Giaz