Bizzarre presenze a Rimini e dintorni

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This year's urban walk is dedicated to "Amarcord", the Fellini's movie, and we will follow the tracks of the great Rimini director.
Almost 50 years after the release of this movie, our urban walk will lead you to the places in real Rimini that witnessed the adventures of Federico and his friends, and those recreated in Amarcord: the historic centre, Borgo San Giuliano, the port and the pier, the beach, the Grand Hotel.
A trivia: did you know that Fellini had announced to journalists that he was making a sci-fi movie called "The Invaded Man", and when they found out that the real title was Amarcord, Fellini corrected the spelling to Hamarcord and presented it as the adventure of a Swedish scientist?

Price: € 12 adults € 8 children (6-14 years)
When: 31 October
Where: Rimini - Visitor Center Rimini d'Augusto n. 235
Lenght: 2h 30m
Participants: mininum 2 people
Languages: Italian
Renseignements réservations

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Walking tour
Comfortable footwear recommended


  1. Corso d'Augusto, 235, Rimini