Artists at the artist's home - "Hands in clay" by Alberto Mingotti

Artists at the Artist's House is a program of courses dedicated to various arts, to be held in the splendid Casa Museo Il Cardello in Casola Valsenio, where the writer Alfredo Oriani (1852 - 1909) spent most of his life.
The House Museum is a rare example of a 19th / 20th century Romagna stately home, perfectly furnished, and surrounded by a lush park, open to visitors on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from April to October.



Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September with "Hands in clay" Alberto Mingotti will let us play with this material that contains childhood memories and a thousand possibilities to express one's creativity. After learning the basics of working with clay and "messing" with it a little, thanks to Alberto's advice we will see an object that is the result of our very personal expressiveness come out of our hands.

Alberto Mingotti is a sculptor with ceramics, whose works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions. His sculpture is both harsh like the earth from which it derives and sweet and gentle like the enamels that cover it; popular and cultured; peasant and noble; naive and sophisticated.

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September
The lesson can be held over two days: Saturday and Sunday. Saturday afternoon (from 15.00 to 19.00) and Sunday (from 10.00 to 12.30 and in the afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00). The direction of the course will provide the clay and the firing of the works that can be collected 20 days after the last lesson. The students, on the other hand, must bring with them: 1) mirette, sticks, sticks and any spatulas useful for modeling; 2) one - or two - wooden tablet that has approximately the following dimensions: 40 x40 cm or 50x 50 cm or 40 x50 cm; 3) one or two old rags; 4) work smock or apron, or be dressed appropriately for the situation.



Il Cardello House Museum

Via Cardello, 15
48032 Casola Valsenio RA


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September


2 days



Course € 60 per person
Overnight stay + breakfast (course excluded)
Double single use 55 € per person
Double 88 € per room / 44 per person
Dinner € 22 with three-course menu, drinks not included


REGISTRATION with payment receipt made before 12.00 on Thursday 22 September.

0546 71044


One-year membership card for the Ass. Artistic Cultural Creative Above Average.


The fee does not include the necessary material (see notes) and anything not indicated in "The fee includes".


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Pad and pen or pencil