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The Show is a journey, a collection of artists and places, and surprises, games, lights and special effects.
The Show is a train that runs along Cattolica with its pubic on board, who, thanks to a privileged view, lives all the magic and energy of a never-before-seen show.
During the ride, unexpected things will happen all around the train and professional artists will perform and will turn a normal journey into something sensational.
But The Show is also a story. In fact, along the way there will be 6 secret stages that will tell Cattolica in a particular and unique way, through the energy of 10 Musical artists who, in some sort of travel back and forth in time, will cross the city singing and dancing Broadway style.
The Show is also a great team, composed of the creator and founder Mattia Guidi, the phenomenal art director Elena Ronchetti and the tourism expert Andrea Bernabei. A team who, also this year, has enriched the show with many surprised scattered all along the route.
The Show is all of this and much more, but if you really want to find out what it is, there is only one way to do it… Experience it in person!!!

Free entry for children under 4 years.

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