The summer sky tells

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“Galactic” evenings in the Park

The summer sky will be the protagonist of the first part of the evening: high up, at the zenith, the summer triangle formed by the stars Vega, Deneb and Altair will guide us in recognizing the constellations visible in the period. To the south Sagittarius will reveal the white stripe of the Milky Way while to the north the great Ursa and her guardian Arthur will tell us the myth of Callisto.

Among clusters of stars, nebulae and double stars we will then wait for the rising, just before 11pm, of the Moon on the Riva di San Biagio, preceded by a few minutes by the rising of Saturn, the only planet visible in the evening.

From 8.30pm guided tour of the Plaster Vein Museum
From 9.00 pm, a short walk to reach the ruins of the ancient fortress of Tossignano where an observation point with telescope will be set up.

Thursday 25 July

Meeting point
Geological Museum of the Romagna Chalk Vein - Baronial Palace
Tossignano BO – Piazza Andrea Costa, 9


Duration of experience
2 hours and 30 minutes

€10 per person

Additional Information

Romagna Gypsum Vein Geological Museum – Piazza A. Costa – 40021 Borgo Tossignano
Orario di ritrovo
8.30 p.m
Borgo Tossignano

From EUR 10

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It is recommended to bring a torch. Guided experience by Enrico Montanari.