Wellness in Darsena del Sale

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Alone or as a couple, the SALT PATH is the best method to have immediate physical and mental benefits and combine the properties of salt with the unforgettable Beauty Spa location of DARSENA DEL SALE.

The route offers:

     Aromatherapy TURKISH BATH with emotional chromotherapy shower, gives an immediate toning and relaxing effect to the skin which will immediately appear more beautiful thanks to cell turnover.
     The CERVICAL WATERFALL and the HYDRO JETS give a sensation of relaxation to the cervical area and reactivate the circulation, alleviating the heaviness of the legs.
     The SALT ROUTE, the panoramic point of the Spa, takes you to the relaxation area, where you can savor our delicious selections of herbal teas.
     The uniqueness of our FINNISH SAUNA is surprising, while the dry air at 90° relieves you of joint inflammation and strengthens the immune system, you will be able to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of the Darsena. The thermal reaction between hot and cold of the BUCKET SHOWER alternating with the FINNISH SAUNA promotes the contraction of blood vessels and microcirculation, purifying the body and promoting the elimination of toxins.
     The EMOTIONAL SHOWERS with the alternation of water temperature, pressure, scents and colours, create a multi-sensory mix that takes away stress and relieves muscle tension.


Every day (closed on Tuesdays) from 10.00 to 20.00


2 hours

Additional Information

Meeting point
Darsena del Sale
Piazzale Salinari, 1
48015 Cervia RA
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In case of delay compared to the reserved time, in order to protect other appointments, the treatment will still be carried out, but reduced in the remaining time available.
– It is advisable to arrive 10 minutes before the appointment to avoid unpleasantness delays in treatments.
– Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the booking time. Failure to communicate will lead to the list price being charged, the cost of the treatment included in the package or gift voucher.
– Covid-19 emergency protocol: it is mandatory to show the super green pass before accessing the route and to show up without fever or other symptoms.
– Entries are limited to a maximum of 16 people during the same time slot. A careful sanitization of the environments is carried out daily, and every time slot change.
– To ensure a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, during the wellness program and in the treatment suites, you are asked not to use mobile phones, electronic devices and not to speak out loud.
– All guests are invited to communicate any cardiac pathologies, presence of peace makers, high blood pressure, allergies, pregnancy before booking entrances and treatments. The management declines any responsibility.
– Both the path and the treatments can be purchased and given as gifts. The validity of gift vouchers is 4 months from the date of issue. – Entry to the route is not permitted under 18 years of age, from 16 years of age only if accompanied by adults.
– We ask that you do not leave valuables or other items unattended. The management declines any responsibility for objects left unattended.
– Guests are invited to walk barefoot on the VIA DEL SALE otherwise use the appropriate central passage. – Guests will be given a courtesy kit including towel, bathrobe and flip flops.
– Before accessing the route it is advisable to take a shower to eliminate traces of oils and creams.