Tour of curiosities and mysteries in Cervia!

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From EUR 12

A surprising night walk through narrow alleys and streets of the center accompanies a narrative between folklore and mysterious curiosities in the history of Cervia.
Accompanying us will be characters from the past, prankster goblins and mysterious presences.

Visit in Italian only.
The excursion will be held once the minimum number of participants has been reached.
  • Wednesday 10 July
  • Wednesday 7 August

Additional Information

Cervia (RA)
Meeting point
Torre San Michele - Cervia

From EUR 12

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  • San Michele Tower
  • Salt Warehouses
  • Officine del Sale
  • Darsena del Sale
  • Cervia historic centre


Cervia: Viaggio mistery all'interno della città del sale


  1. Torre San Michele
  2. Magazzini del Sale
  3. Piazzetta Carlo Pisacane
  4. Piazza Garibaldi
  5. Darsena del sale