Spergola and Lambrusco

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Two new locations on the territory of Scandiano, Lambrusco and Spergola are presented: areas of particular territorial interest, with typical wines.

Lambrusco and Spergola are not only common names in the field of local agriculture, but they represent the grapes that find their deepest roots in the Scandian hills. These historical testimonies take us back in time, revealing a wine making practice,  rich in history and millenary tradition.

A tangible example is represented by Spergola: even Matilde di Canossa, medieval countess, during one of her diplomatic maneuvers paid homage to Pope Gregory VII.

You will explore the distinctive characteristics of these grapes, immersing ourselves in the visit of one of the wineries in the area. The Spergola, a unique blend, gives rise to a cru wine from a native grape variety spread almost exclusively in the territory of Scandiano. On the contrary, Lambrusco represents a group of similar but not identical vines, with common but different characteristics.

You will be accompanied along the entire route, from vinification to bottling, allowing you to live closely every phase of the production process, until the final tasting. 

This trip will allow you to understand not only the history of this territory, but also the wine sector that makes it unique in the world. It will be an opportunity to taste its peculiarities, tasting its aromas and immersing yourself in the ancient wine traditions that distinguish it.

You will end the experience with a final tasting where you can taste the unique and distinctive aromas of these fine wines.

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  • Guided visit to a wine cellar with final tasting of local wines  


Discover Lambrusco and Spergola, the wine gems of Scandiano. Explore historical roots, visit wineries and savor the authenticity of legendary wines in a unique experience. 

Up to a minimum of 5 participants, the activity will be confirmed when booked and could be shared to reach the minimum guaranteed for the start of the activity. After 5 participants, the activity will be confirmed and could be shared with other participants up to a maximum of 20 participants.