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In 2023, the collaboration between Fondazione Misano and Misano World Track Marco Simoncelli has been continuing to enjoy a unique experience, 58 minutes to visit the Misano World Track: MISANO TRACK TOUR 2023.
The group is guided by a person in charge of the Track and a representative of the Misano Foundation. It will be possible to access the areas usually closed to the public and the backstage reserved for drivers and operators such as paddock, podium, press room, race control, the Simoncelli gallery, the pit and track. During the tour you are accompanied by an expert guide who will describe the entire itinerary and tell stories and anecdotes of the beloved Track dedicated to Marco Simoncelli. Mandatory booking at least 48 hours before the start. Subject to a minimum quota.

Place and time of departure:
- 5:15 pm from Misano Center (Viale Dante)
- 5:20 pm from Misano Brasile (Stop 1BIS rotonda Via Alberello)

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Misano Adriatico (RN)
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From EUR 25

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