Artists at the Artist's House - Roberto Cariani, Travel Book

Artists at the Artist's House is a program of courses dedicated to various arts, to be held in the splendid Casa Museo Il Cardello in Casola Valsenio, where the writer Alfredo Oriani (1852 - 1909) spent most of his life.
The House Museum is a rare example of a 19th / 20th century Romagna stately home, perfectly furnished, and surrounded by a lush park, open to visitors on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from April to October.


Roberto Cariani
Casola Valsenio, Travel diary
Before the advent of photography, many travelers drew everything they saw in their notebooks, bringing the shapes, perspectives, colors and shadows of the places they visited onto the paper. Life drawing is an "instant" image of reality, rich in a lot of information both on the traveler who observes and on the sensations he experiences, thus rendering his personal vision. Drawing from life can be understood as a synthesis or detail according to the point of view of the interpreter. With a few strokes of a pencil, the volume of a building can be evoked up to entering into the details describing every single architectural element.


Roberto Cariani was born in Ferrara and graduated from the Art School of Bologna.
Travel is his great passion and he never forgets to bring paper and pencils with him
and colors to take note and fix the sensations in your travel journals. He is a founding member of the Travel Journal Authors Association of Ferrara. As a carnetist he is internationally known.


Saturday 14 May
9.00: welcome and presentation of the course
9.30 - 13.00 Brief historical excursus on the travel diary from its origins to the present day (screening) - Illustration of some carnets by me Robert and other carnettists. Contemporary. The material to take on the go. Notes on the Central and Accidental perspective
13.00 - 14.30 break for lunch
2.30 pm - 6.00 pm Let's start drawing! Following a path, you will go through the streets of Casola Valsenio to draw en plein air glimpses, streets, buildings, churches and details, inserting notes, collages, personal observations on the drawings to remember the place, the day, the moment ...
Sunday 15th May
9.00 - 13.00 The journey continues… through the streets of Casola Valsenio
13.00 - 14.30 break for lunch
2.30 pm - 5.00 pm The journey continues… through the streets of Casola Valsenio
17.30 - 18.30 observation of the work done and greetings



Il Cardello House Museum

Via Cardello, 15
48032 Casola Valsenio RA


Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May


2 days


70 € per person


REGISTRATION with payment receipt made by 12 noon on Friday 6 May.

0546 71044


One-year membership card for the Ass. Artistic Cultural Creative Above Average.


The fee does not include the necessary material ** (see notes in evidence) and anything not indicated in "The fee includes".


Additional Information

Casa Museo Il Cardello - Via Cardello, 15 - 48032 Casola Valsenio RA
Orario di ritrovo
9.00 A.M.
Casola Valsenio


** Necessary material

Carnet with good quality paper, gr. 200 fine-grained (eg Fabriano Venezia dim. 15x23 or 23x30)… or, alternatively: single sheet pad (eg Fabriano Artistico fine-grained gr.200 Dim.18x26 - 23x31)
If you are using single sheets, it is necessary to have a rigid support slightly larger than the drawing sheet and a roll of adhesive paper - width cm. 1.8 max 3 cm.
If using the booklet, it is advisable to bring elastic bands or clothespins (eg Buffetti metal clips) to secure the sheets of the booklet in case of wind.
B2 pencil or 07-09 mechanical pencil with B2 graphite (with spare leads)
Soft gum (eg Rotring B20) or bread gum
Glue type Pritt Stick (small pack - 11 gr.)
Folding stool for drawing outdoors (eg Decathlon tripod € 6/8)


Those who are familiar with watercolor can bring:
Watercolor paints - godè or tube (eg W&N)
Some brushes for watercolor n ° 1 thin, n ° 1 medium and n ° 1 coarse (even synthetic ones are good)
Container for water and large glass (all plastic if possible).
Paper towels


For technical information contact: Roberto Cariani
Email: - ​​cell. +39 339 22 67 309