Cheese Tasting - E FURMAI DE CUNTADÉ

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"The farmer's cheese", made as it was once made.

This is the philosophy behind the dairy production of Officine Gastronomiche Spadoni.

Both fresh and aged cheeses, typical of Romagna, are made in the factory located in Brisighella, at the foot of the hills and are produced with only the freshest Italian milk of the highest quality from selected farms and processed with cutting-edge production technologies and the expertise of the great artisan tradition of Romagna.

In this journey of taste, we will take you on a discovery of the flavors and aromas of dairy Romagna, combining cheeses of various characteristics with local wines and our jams with recipes by Chef Marco Cavallucci.


The experience will be complemented by a GUIDED TOUR OF THE MERCATO COPERTO by the staff, to discover the history, architecture, furnishings and enogastronomic thinking of the place.

From EUR 28

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Monday, Friday & Sunday
at 5.00 pm

Meeting point:

Ravenna Covered Market Andrea Costa, 48121 Ravenna

Indications: the Mercato Coperto, located in the historical centre, is about 10 minutes walk from both the train station and the Tourist Information Office in Piazza San Francesco


1 hour


Italian & English

Included in the activity:

- tasting of 4 cheeses
- tasting of 2 wines
- bread tasting



Squacquerone DOP > paired with Fig jam

People from Romagna have a cheese in their heart: Squacquerone.

Squacquerone is a very fresh cheese with a milky white color and a sweet and delicate flavor. Its name comes from the dialectal word "squacqueron" because of its tendency to squacquerare, that is to let itself go, referring to its soft consistency due to its short maturation.


Stanco di Brisighella > in combination with pear and tonka berry jam

stanco is a raw-milk cheese produced with fresh, high-quality milk from Emilia-Romagna, with a soft texture and edible flowered rind. It has a thin rind, a creamy and delicate taste, during aging it tends to deform its original shape and for this reason it is called "stanco".

Paired with a glass of Romagna Albana "A", 2019, Monticino Rosso (3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2021)


Caprino di Brisighella > combined with Green Tomato jam

Caprino di Brisighella a Latte Crudo is an aged cheese, produced with fresh raw goat's milk 100% Italian and with vegetable rennet which gives it organoleptic characteristics: sweet to the palate but with a bitterish aftertaste.

A light product, ideal for vegetarian diets or eaten alone.

Being a "raw milk" product, the milk has not been pasteurized. In this way it preserves the scents, smells, flavors of milk and all the protein and vitamin characteristics that pasteurization would drastically reduce.


Raw Milk Pecorino di Brisighella Seasoned > paired with Quince jam

Aged raw-milk Pecorino di Brisighella is made from fresh Italian sheep's milk from the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and is made entirely by hand according to an ancient recipe dating back to 1200 and aged naturally on wooden boards for over 90 days. It stands out for its compact and at the same time buttery texture, with a color between white and straw, and for its sweet flavor which hides a slight spicy vein on the palate, due to the long aging.

Paired with a glass of Romagna Sangiovese Smembar, 2017, Az. Biologica Maria Galassi


Included the basket of our breads (Pane Sciocco, Ciabattina with sprouted chickpeas and turmeric, cereal sandwich and Ciabattina with Nerone rice)


  1. Piazza Andrea Costa, Ravenna