Rimini City Tour - The Treasures of Rimini

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Join the tourist guides and art historians of Guidopolis in the discovery of the most beautiful places of Rimini.

Guided Tour "The Treasures of Rimini" - Arch of Augustus, the Amphitheater of Rimini, the Surgeon’s Domus (outside) and the Bridge of Tiberius will tell us about the Roman Rimini. We will then make an incursion into the Renaissance thanks to the Malatesta Temple and Castel Sismondo (outside).
And among the streets of the historic center we can not forget Piazza Cavour with the renovated Theatre "A. Galli" and not far one of the monuments-symbol of Rimini 900': the Cinema Fulgor, whose history is partly linked to the famous director Federico Fellini (born in Rimini on January 20, 1920). Memories enclosed in old posters, patinated posters, bourgeois residences, small squares and neighborhoods (like the district of San Giuliano full of renovated murals), majestic buildings like the Grand Hotel (from the outside) and the numerous cottages along Viale Principe Amedeo will be at the center of this magical path to go all in one breath!

Fee: € 12 - Free children up to 10 years with reservation
possibility to book up to 15 minutes before departure of the Tour
Timetable: Saturday at 4.30 pm / Sunday at 10.30 am       
Where: Rimini
Meeting place: Visitor Center Rimini c.so d'Augusto 235
Minimum number of participants: 1 - maximum 12 people
Language: Italian, English, French
*Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

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From EUR 12

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  • Tour Tresures of Rimini: Arch of Augustus, Roman Amphitheatre, Tiberius Bridge, Surgeon's Domus ( exterior only ) , Temple of Malatesta Castel Sismondo (exterior), Piazza Cavour, Teatro Galli (exterior), Cinema Fulgor (exterior).


  • Guided tour by Visit Rimini
  • In italian, English and fr Languages
  • Walking tour
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • We recommend comfortable shoes


  1. Corso d'Augusto, 235, Rimini