Visita e degustazione in Cantina

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An ancient legend tells that the Franciscan friars of Santarcangelo di Romagna were great producers of red wine a few centuries ago. One day during a banquet with an important guest they offered him the best red wine of the cellar. The guest was delighted and immediately asked for its name. After a first moment of uncertainty, a friar said: "Sanguis Jovis" or "Blood of Jupiter" thinking about the wine color and the name of the hill on which Santarcangelo is located.

Price: € 18 (minimum 2 people)
When: Every day on request
Language: Italian, English


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Romagna Tasting

Visit to the winery and 3 tastings of local wines with cold cuts and cheeses at zero km of the producers!


  • Transport not included
  • Booking required