“Notturno d'arte” (art by night) tour

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From EUR 13

through the Rimini streets and squares of the historic center guided by an expert guide.
A guided tour through fascinating lights and nightlife to discover Rimini history and monuments that reveal its beauty and importance: the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge, the Malatesta Temple,  and the old fish market.
During the tour through the historic center and Borgo San Giuliano  we will remember illustrious people bound to our city: from Julius Caesar to the emperor Augustus, from Francesca da Rimini to Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, and Federico Fellini.

Price: € 13 per person including Audioguide
When:  From Thursday 11 June 2020  until Thursday 10 September 2020
Time 9.30 pm
Where : Rimini
Meeting Point : Arch of August

From EUR 13

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  • Arch of Augustus
  • Tiberius Bridge
  • Malatesta Temple
  • The Galli Theater
  • Old fish market


  • Guided tour in Italian language by Discover Rimini
  • Walking tour
  • Time: about 2 H 


  1. Corso d'Augusto, Rimini
  2. Via IV Novembre, 35, Rimini
  3. Corso d'Augusto, 162, Rimini
  4. Ponte
  5. Rimini