Romagna Bike Tour: from Fortress to Fortress of sea and land

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Romagna has an incredible variety of natural landscapes in a small area.
The beautiful hills covered with vineyards, variegated by unique rock formations such as the spungone and the gullies, dotted with medieval villages, castles, spas with sulphurous and oligomineral waters and small cities of art, up to the mountains that reach almost 2000 meters and offer enchanting landscapes in every season. All enriched by the famous cuisine of Romagna and watered by a wine with an intense taste.
The rock formation of the spungone, formed by the mixture of shells of sea shells held together by calcareous cement, forms a particular rocky ridge that runs through the hills of Romagna from Bertinoro to Castrocaro Terme, offering panoramic and fun off-road routes.
The Romagna Bike Tour is an almost entirely offroad route of 110 hilly kilometres, which can be divided into 3 stages to have fun discovering a wonderful territory:
  • 1st stage: departure from Cervia, historical village on the Adriatic Sea, to reach Bertinoro, the most famous village in Italy for its wine - free lunch in Cesena, dinner in a typical restaurant in Bertinoro and overnight stay in a hotel***;
  • 2nd stage: from Bertinoro to Castrocaro Terme a spectacular up and down on the Spungone ridge - free lunch in Predappio, dinner in a typical restaurant in the village and overnight stay in a hotel***;
  • 3rd stage: from Castrocaro the Spungone takes us to Terra del Sole where we continue through panoramic gullies to the solitary Oriolo Tower and then to Faenza, a city famous for its artistic ceramics. Lunch in Faenza and return to Cervia by train.

The cost of the package is € 295,00 per person.
The price includes:
  • 3 overnight stays with breakfast in Hotel*** (1 in Cervia, 1 in Bertinoro, 1 in Castrocaro)
  • 3 dinners in typical restaurants
  • Wine tasting in Bertinoro
  • Specialized guide
  • Technical assistance
  • Luggage transport


Single room: € 45,00
4 star hotel: € 50,00
Ebike or MTB rental: € 75,00

For information:
Cervia Bike Tourism
Via Evangelisti 4 - 48015 Cervia
+39 0544 916280

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From EUR 295

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Km: 110
Background: dirt roads, country roads, paths, asphalt


An off-road itinerary of 110 hilly kilometres to explore Romagna on your own bike


  1. Cervia
  2. Cesena
  3. Bertinoro
  4. Predappio
  5. Castrocaro Terme
  6. Terra del Sole
  7. Oriolo dei Fichi
  8. Faenza
  9. Cervia