"Notturno d'Arte" guided tour

From EUR 12

A cultural stroll amid fascinating lights and nightlife, through the avenues and squares of the historic centre. You will learn about artistic Rimini in the company of an expert guide, who will show you the monuments, revealing their history and importance. You will see the Arch of Augustus, Malatesta Temple, Castel Sismondo, the Bridge of Tiberius with the new frame of Piazza sull'Acqua.

The vicissitudes of famous people linked to the city will also be recalled: from Julius Caesar to Emperor Augustus, from Francesca da Rimini to Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, up to Federico Fellini. The visit will end with entry to the legendary Cinema Fulgor - recently reopened for showing films - to admire the room decorated by Oscar winner Dante Ferretti.


  • The price includes: night visit to the historic centre of Rimini
  • Languages in which the experience is available: Italian, English (min. 15 participants)


Thursday: guided tour in Italian
Friday: guided tour in English
Times: 21:30 - 23:30

Duration: 2 hours


Arch of Augustus - Corso d'Augusto, Rimini

From EUR 12

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