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A stroll with Maria Luigia D'Austria - Grand Duchess of Parma from 1816 to 1847 - to know her places and taste her era's atmosphere.
During the visit we are stopping to taste the desserts she brought from Paris and that nowadays are astill appreciated in the city.
Tasty stops and a fascinating tale are the ingredients of these pleasent Saturday dates: we are leaving from the Museum, where Maria Luigia's items, clothes, and jewels are ketp, to walk the streets and squares rich in monuments which saw Maria Luigia leader of a good government policy, for which she is still remembered by Parma and its inhabitants.

As well as the entrance to the Museum, the rate includes the guide service (both in italian and english), the hire of audio receivers and the "wandering taste" of food and drinks She loved. Sweet, green tortelli, chocolate biscuitis with her name, Violetta liquor.
Why were desserts so important at the reigning's table? We are waiting you to find out together...

Free entry for children 0-3 years old

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From EUR 25

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