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Ab EUR 12

In the ancient history of the city there is no shortage of tragic political or criminal events, torture, mysterious and legendary presences, miracles and even the burning of a 'witch' in Piazza Tre Martiri. Let's find them out together!
Recommended a cup of chamomile tea before the visit ...

Adult fee € 12 Children 6-14 years € 8
When: every Monday from June 1st
Hours: 9pm
Where: Rimini Historical Center
Meeting place: Tiberius bridge on the newsstand side
Minimum of Participants: 2 people


Ab EUR 12

Jetzt buchen! Zur Buchungsanfrage
  • Tiberius bridge
  • Zavagli square
  • Ferrari square
  • Three Martyrs Square
  • Malatesta square
  • Cavour square


  • Guided tour by Cristian Savioli
  • Walking tour
  • Duration about 2 hours


  1. Rimini
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  3. Rimini
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